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Congratulations, you have arrived at one of the World’s Best Travel Planning Websites. The travel world has changed a lot here in the twenty-first century, ever since the introduction of the Internet. Travel Agents, who used to be critical for planning and organizing any trip, have largely been replaced by online travel services. Airlines, hotels, and just about everything else in the travel world are now easily accessible directly through their website, or an online travel agent. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a major feature on many travel planning sites. To learn more about AI Travel, please visit our new post: Best AI Travel Apps [2024].

Hence, we are introducing to you, our concept of “DIY (Do It Yourself) Travel”. We believe, it will make you a better traveler, and truly change your life. Give it a try.

Welcome! I’m Cos and this is my wife, Robin!

We are two retired executives, in our early 70’s, who have decided to take up travel as our next career. Consequently, over the past few years, our travels have taken us on long journeys to all parts of the globe. We decided that by sharing our travel experiences, both good and bad, we can help you better enjoy your next adventure.

I was an IT Executive during my career, and Robin was a Financial Executive. So, we have combined our IT and financial expertise, with our love for travel, to make this an outstanding website; helping you to better plan your travel and get the most out of your travel dollar.

Why We Travel

For us travel is all about learning different cultures, finding Hidden Gems, and making connections, either with people, places or things, such as museums, parks, gardens or simply beautiful works of nature. If we can help make the world a smaller and better understood place, then our travels and writing has been successful.

Edward William Bok, the Founder of The Bok Gardens and Tower (see Our Favorite Gardens for details), said “Wherever your lives may be cast, make the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it.” We agree and we hope this blog helps you and us accomplish that goal.

There is one thing we have already accomplished. Basically, we have greatly improved our knowledge of the world. In particular we have learned a lot about the First Peoples in each country we visit. Please visit our post on Indigenous Peoples, so we can share what we have learned.

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